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Install CCTVs, increase guards in school campuses to ensure security, say experts – Times of…
MUMBAI: With the rise in sexual abuse cases on school campuses, increasing on-campus vigilance has become imperative. Experts feel even simple measures like installing closed circuit televisions (CCTV) and monitoring [...]
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Spread awareness on child sex abuse – Times of India
Mumbai: With cases of child sexual abuse frequently coming to light, there is a great ne ed to educate young children in personal safety to create a safe environment for [...]
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Three teachers who sexually abused student suspended – Times of India
Mumbai: The three teachers accused of sexually abusing a class IV Mira Road student for a year were suspended by the school authorities on Tuesday. The teachers had threatened and [...]
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‘Only rape amounts to sex abuse, boys can’t be victims’ – Times Of India
MUMBAI: Only penetration is sexual abuse and boys cannot be subject to such a crime: There are the two most common misconceptions among parents, showed a survey by Podar Institute [...]
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‘Fewer cases of sexual abuse of boys reported’ – Times of India
MUMBAI: If the media is a mirror to society, how well does Mumbai’s media reflect the prevalence of child sexual abuse in the world around us? An analysis of news [...]
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‘Kids abused mostly by persons they trust most’ – Times of India
NAGPUR: Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) had always been there and continues to exist both at home and institutions. But the bias towards the issue in society has always kept it [...]
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