Senior Manager Resource development

Posted 1 month ago
Where do you start? Sr. Director, Resource Development | Sr. Manager, Resource Development
What story will you write?
  • You will ensure  organization’s content work is relevant, engaging, and effective for an increasingly digital world
  • You will engage in pedagogic design, creation and publication of  content for all stakeholders in a timely systematic manner
  • You will represent the organization in critical platforms and play a key role in  integration of the organizational model in the national and state curriculum
  • You will build and guide a team of professionals to ensure that the organizational goal is achieved
  • As a senior manager, you will be a culture builder – and co-create a culture of learning, meticulousness, analytical thinking and a desire for excellence
What will you think about?

(a lot of the time)

  • How do I build high quality content across all formats of communication from books to WhatsApp messages which is easily consumed across channels?
  • What kind of content design will be effective for prevention and intervention of Child Sexual Abuse?
  • How do we innovate content to support Arpan’s transition in the post COVID world?
  • How do I drive decision on knowledge creation, presentation and dissemination by deriving insights from the organization’s field realities, data, and evaluations and external environment?
  • Is my entire team concerned about effectiveness?  Am I continuously upgrading mine and my teams’ knowledge? Am I being a good mentor? Is my team motivated to excel?
  • Am I being able to build a culture of strong process discipline including a robust process for vetting and also significantly increase the speed of turnaround in content creation?


Why is this exciting to you?
  • You are excited at the idea of building the knowledge hub on this sensitive issue
  • You are excited to contribute to the understanding of the issue and develop models of prevention and intervention that have the potential to reduce CSA and heal
  • You are excited about innovating agile high quality content in the post COVID environment.
What is your A – game?
  • Experience of content design ranging from long format for example curriculum design and short format content for example a 7 minute video. You need to love to ideate and open to create content in diverse formats. You need to have a fair understanding and experience of curriculum design and development of modules/manuals for online and offline audience, developing implementation plan for conducting pilots and deriving insights from them to create high impact content.
  • Communication skills – You need to have strong written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to transact complex concepts and ideas in simple, easy language.
  • Developing robust internal controls – You must be obsessive about process discipline and quality driven content creation and develop guidelines regarding workflow, vetting and monitoring.
  • Functional experience: You should have experience of working in an environment which is focused on knowledge creation and values a learning attitude. You should be familiar with different types of curriculum design especially learner-centered design and problem-centered design.
  • Strong people skills –. You must be able to balance being diplomatic with being firm. You need to manage the content team as well as coordinate with other programme teams. You need to work with vendors for outsourced content.
  • Mentorship: You will know how to lead the team to effectively meet targets, mentor them and build their capacities.
Where have you been?
  • You will have minimum 8-10 years of experience in content development across digital and non-digital platforms
  • Experience in curriculum design
  • Experience in social sector
Where will you stay? Location in Mumbai is preferred.  You should have the ability to work with multiple teams remotely.
What does compensation look like? Your exact starting salary will depend on your experience, fit and your potential.

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