Online Prevention Programme

Arpan’s e-learning platform is an interactive and easy way for children to learn about Personal Safety and adults to build an awareness of Child Sexual Abuse prevention and intervention. As we integrate technology into the core of our programmes, we started with small steps of creating eBooks for adults on the prevention and intervention of CSA and an interactive flipbook for children aged five and above. Recently, we have launched the Personal Safety Course for 8-10-year-old which consists of videos and quizzes and will provide children with a platform to become well versed in keeping themselves safe. This course is created in a way so that it is responsive to diverse technology platforms. Through this online course, children will learn how to identify safe and unsafe situations, refuse them and report to a trusted adult. The course also handholds caregivers by creating awareness about the issue of Child Sexual Abuse and their role in preventing it.

The platform was officially launched at EarlyEd Asia 2019’ held at Jaipur by Kunal Chawla, Arpan’s Director for Online Learning for Awareness and Prevention on 13th Feb 2019. Conceived and presented by Early Childhood Association (ECA) and ScooNews under the patronage of the erstwhile royal family of Jaipur, this conference aimed at providing a platform for learning, networking and sharing the best practices of early childhood education in Asia.

We are hoping to reach out to millions of children through this course and empower them to participate in their safety. Do share this with as many people as possible and play your part in child protection!!

Here is the link of the course

Here is a video to know more about the programme