13 year old girl disclosed a recent incident of Sexual Abuse.

A 13 year old girl from an institution with a history of rape was referred to our counsellor when she disclosed a recent incident of sexual abuse. The girl visited another institution a few months ago and a staff member tried to put his hand up her frock and touched her private parts. The child tried to get away from him and immediately informed her caretaker. She was extremely polite but anxious during the first session. In the next couple of sessions the child disclosed about the recent incident of abuse. The process of the sessions included focusing on emotions of anger, fear and sadness that the child presented during the session. The feelings that the child was facing after the incident were acknowledged, validated and normalized. The outcomes of the sessions were that the child could express herself more comfortably and openly with other resident girls. There was a shift from being passive aggressive to being affirmative and assertive. Lot of exercises and role plays made it possible for her to be able to empathize with other residents and value others’ as well as her own space.