6th Grade Child

A child who had gone through Personal Safety Education was in their family shop along with her elder sister. The child noticed that a call came on the landline number, her elder sister answered the call but disconnected without saying anything. After a while, the elder sister kept the phone off the hook to avoid further calls. The younger sister guessed that something was wrong and put the phone back in place. The call came again, and this time the younger sister answered it. A man spoke on the call using sexually abusive language and offering her money if she allowed him to touch her private body parts. The child was very scared and angry at that moment, but she shouted back at him and disconnected the call. The younger sister shared the incident with her elder sister. The elder sister disclosed that these calls were coming since last 15 days and she had been very scared and embarrassed to talk about it. In the evening, the younger sibling called all the family members together and told her father about the anonymous phone calls that they were receiving. The family members were shocked, and the father asked the child as to how did she garner the courage to share about this incident.  The child said, “It was because of Arpan, if they would not have come to our school and taught us about personal safety, I would not have had the courage to share it with my trusted adults”.