Great Place To Work 2023

Below are the open positions of Arpan

1. Context Support the Fundraising vertical at Arpan
2. Organogram CEO (1)   —  Director Fundraising (1)  —  Senior Manager Fundraising (1)  —  Manager Fundraising (2)
3. Key Objectives of the Job Raise funds for Arpan, manage donors and the team; align with Arpan’s growth story and be a part of the movement to reduce the incidence of Child Sexual Abuse in India.
4. Key responsibilities The key responsibilities of this role, among others, are:

  • Execute the Fundraising strategy
  • Support the end-to-end fundraising process – undertake research, identify new donors (national + international), meet potential donors, write proposals, undertake documentation
  • Undertake donor management and reporting – coordinate with internal teams for data and insights, track and write donor reports, send regular updates to donors, facilitate field visits
  • Effectively engage with donors, as needed – corporates, trusts/ foundations, grant-making organizations, family foundations, retail donors, and so on
  • Manage some funder relationships independently + support the CEO/ Director in managing others
  • Undertake research and be aware of trends in child protection and fundraising spaces (national + international)
  • Working with the team, explore new/ innovative fundraising ideas
  • Manage the fundraising team (currently consisting of 2 managerial level resources)
5. Job Challenge Raising funds for a complex and unacknowledged issue such as Child Sexual Abuse
6. Specialized job competencies
  • Passion, determination, and belief in the organization’s vision and mission
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills with an ability to explain Arpan’s story in a concise manner across a diverse stakeholder set
  • Strong people-management skills – team, internal stakeholders, external stakeholders
  • Experience in planning and an eye for detail
  • Strong numeric skills and project management skills (MS excel should be your friend)
7. Educational Qualification MBA/ PGDBM/ MS (graduates with relevant experience are also encouraged to apply)
8. Desired Experience
  • Experience in fundraising in the development sector is ideal
  • Business development/ sales experience in management consulting/ industry will be valued
9. Other desired attributes Excellent written and spoken communication in English; ability to work in a small team; good interpersonal skills; ability to handle high-pressure situations and uncertainty; drive to carry on despite possible setbacks
10. Location Mumbai
11. Salary INR 15 lakh+ (depending on qualifications, years of experience, alignment with the role, organizational fit) + travel allowance + therapeutic allowance

Department: Fundraising

To Apply, Please send your Resume on

1. Context                                 Content & Curriculum
2. Organogram Sr. Director, Content & Curriculum  |  Sr. Manager, Content & Curriculum
3. Key Objectives of the Job To ensure quality and relevance of education and learning in the space of CSA: Prevention and Intervention
4. Major Deliverables
  • You will ensure organization’s long and short format content work is relevant, engaging, and effective for both offline and digital world
  • You will engage in pedagogic design, creation and publication of content for all stakeholders in a timely systematic manner
  • You will represent the organization in critical platforms and play a key role in integration of the organizational model in the national and state curriculum
  • You will build and guide a team of professionals to ensure that the organizational goal is achieved
  • As a senior manager, you will be a culture builder – and co-create a culture of learning, meticulousness, analytical thinking and a desire for excellence
5. Job Challenge The social sector is still evolving to working in an offline and digital world simultaneously.  Arpan is working towards being a resource agency and a think tank on the issue of CSA: prevention and intervention. This role gives a unique opportunity to build offline and digital presence for a social cause. Some keys questions for this role:

  • How do I build high quality content across all formats of communication from books to WhatsApp messages which is easily consumed across channels?
  • What kind of content design will be effective for prevention and intervention of Child Sexual Abuse?
  • How do we innovate content to support Arpan’s transition in the post COVID world?
  • How do I drive decision on knowledge creation, presentation and dissemination by deriving insights from the organization’s field realities, data, and evaluations and external environment?
  • Is my entire team concerned about effectiveness?  Am I continuously upgrading mine and my teams’ knowledge? Am I being a good mentor? Is my team motivated to excel?
  • Am I being able to build a culture of strong process discipline including a robust process for vetting and also significantly increase the speed of turnaround in content creation?


6. Specialized Job Competencies
  1. Subject matter knowledge, creative writing skills,  and immaculate grammatical expertise to develop content for various offline and online platforms
  2. Communication and collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, imagination and creativity, learning to learn, self-efficacy and digital literacy.
  3. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  4. Skills in curriculum design and in the social sector especially in the field of Gender based Violence and Child Protection
  5. Excellent analytical skill
  6. Skills in planning and being result oriented
7. Educational Qualification Post Graduate or higher in Sociology, Social Work, Psychology and other relevant subjects.
8. Mandatory Work Experience Minimum 8 to 10 years
9. Other desired attributes Ability to work in a small team; interested in setting up and building organisations for the long term, good inter-personal skills; ability to work under constant deadline pressure and manage multiple projects across offline and digital platforms
10. Location Location in Mumbai is preferred.  You should have the ability to work with multiple teams remotely.
11. Salary range  Rs. 80,000/- & above + Travel allowance (Rs. 7000) + Therapeutic allowance (Rs. 1500) + Annual Training allowance (Rs. 5000).

Department: Content & Curriculum Team

To Apply, Please send your Resume on

1. Context Assistant Manager/ Manager – Content & Curriculum Content Creation
2. Organogram Sr. Director, Content & Curriculum  |  Sr. Manager, Content & Curriculum  | Assistant / Manager, Content & Curriculum
3. Key Objectives of the Job
  • To have clarity about organisation’s department goals and participate in ideation and creation of evidence based content and curriculum on the issue of Child Sexual Abuse which is relevant, engaging and effective in a constantly changing cultural domain.
  • To follow all processes and systems and ensure the standards of quality are maintained while creating/reviewing content in a timely systematic manner for all stakeholders
  • To ensure the content created is in alignment with Arpan’s culture, values and philosophy.
  • To be able to build and guide a team of professionals as and when required to ensure that the organizational goal is achieved.
4. Major Deliverables
  • You will be responsible to ideate and create high quality content/resources across all formats for children and adults such as modules, manuals, training tools which will be effective for various stakeholders in the post COVID world on prevention and intervention of Child Sexual Abuse.
  • You will be piloting all the new content created for relevant stakeholders, record and document the learnings from the pilot and use it to create an effective, easy to deliver content.
  • You will assist in the process in deriving decisions on knowledge creation, presentation and dissemination by deriving insights from field realities, data evaluations and external environment.
  • You will be working closely with the Communication team to finalise designing of merchandises, manuals, modules and tools that have been created.
5. Job Challenge
  • To build a culture of strong processes, discipline including a robust process for vetting and also significantly increase the speed of turnaround in content creation.
  • Multi-tasking – working on different projects to ensure that the expected outcomes are met and delivered in given timeline.
  • To be perceptive and have the ability to foresee challenges and work towards overcoming them.
6. Specialized job competencies
  • To continuously upgrade knowledge of self and the team.
  • To be a good mentor to the team members and address challenges effectively on day to day basis and come up with unique solutions.
  • To work persistently with ownership and be accountable towards all the deliverables.
  • To make effective use of available resources and work under challenging circumstances.
7. Educational Qualification Post Graduate in English literature, Education, Communications, Sociology, Psychology, Child Development, Social Work and other related fields.
8. Desired Experience
  • Minimum 5 and above years of experience
  • Experience in content development and implementation in the field of education, life skills, child protection/rights
  • Experience in curriculum design
  • Experience in social sector
9. Other desired attributes
  • Should be a team player and willing to work in high pressure situations.
  • Should provide quality output in their work without compromising on any Arpan’s values and standards.
  • Should ensure that systems and processes are followed.
  • Should monitor the quality of programme through consistent processes set for the team.
10. Location Mumbai
11. Salary range 60000/- to 75000/- per month + 7000/- Travelling allowance + 1500/- Therapeutic allowance + 5000/- Annual training allowance

Department: Content & Curriculum Team

To Apply, Please send your Resume on

JOB SPECIFICATION: Program Officers, Prevention Services 

Department: Prevention Services 

Proposed Immediate Superior: Coordinator, Prevention Services

1. Context  Implementing Arpan’s Prevention Programmes
2. Organogram  Coordinator Programme Officers
3. Key Objectives of the Job  Ensure quality-driven implementation of prevention  services 
4. Major Deliverables 




The major responsibilities are: 

Implementing of the Prevention projects of Arpan on  the field, namely teaching children personal safety skills  from the age group of 6 – 18 years in schools and  conducting Awareness sessions on child sexual abuse  with parents, teachers, and other stakeholders 

Documentation of field experiences in a timely manner 

Adherence to operational protocol, including timely  reporting of field activities to coordinators 

Ensuring regular reviews with Coordinator and  Manager, prevention Services

5. Job Challenge  To implement the programs as well as do quality  documentation 
6. Specialized job competencies  Ability to work in a large diverse team 

Keenness to work with children

7. Educational Qualification  Graduation / Post graduation in Education, Sociology,  Social work, Psychology, Child Development, and other  related fields. 
8. Desired Experience  Experience in group work with children and  adolescents, conducting sessions and facilitating  discussions. Freshers with any similar voluntary work  experience will also be eligible. 
9. Other desired attributes  Ability to work in a large team; creative and child friendly; open to extensive local travel; Multilingual with fluency in English
10. Location  Mumbai
11. Salary range  (Rs. 23,000 – Rs. 25,000) 

5200/- per month (Travel reimbursement) + 1500/- per month (Therapeutic allowances) 

Department: Communications

Proposed Immediate Superior: Associate Director – Communications

1. Context Assistant Manager – Strategic Partnership and Events
2. Organogram Associate Director – Communications


Assistant Manager –  Strategic Partnership and Events

3. Key Objectives of the Job To help forge strategic partnerships for Arpan to maximize our reach and dissemination of resources.


4. Major Deliverables The major responsibilities are:

·        Develop systems and procedures in support of the identification, engagement and development of strategic partnerships.

·        Conceptualize new strategic initiatives that could be built around or benefit from corporates, foundations or other partnerships.

·        Develop and manage partner agreements.

·        Process legal documents and reports related to the partnership.

·        Collaborate with cross-functional teams to structure and execute partnerships.

·        Provide timely and accurate reporting of pipeline, strategic partnerships and management activities.

·        Develop and manage reporting and tracking of strategic partnership activities.

·        Coordinate the management of ongoing relationships with existing partners and where relevant, leverage those relationships to greater collective impact.

·        Preparation of all relevant event documentation including contracts, event planning documents with timelines, project report, etc. along with the manager

·        Assisting the manager in development, production and delivery of event from planning right up to delivery on time, within budget, that meets (and hopefully exceed) expectations

·        Travelling to inspect and manage events across locations

·        Setting, communicating and maintaining timelines and priorities for every event along with the Manager

·        Assist the Associate Director Communications on any other assignments as required.

5. Job Challenge Arpan has been doing great work and has carved a niche for

itself in the area of child protection. We have also just

launched our e-learning platform which makes our content

accessible to stakeholders across the globe. We are at a

stage where it is important to forge partnerships to reach

out to maximum number of stakeholders with minimum

costs. This role will assist in doing so.

6. Specialised job competencies
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills;
  • A creative mind partnered with the ability to find the best practical solutions
  • Organized and responsive, with attention to detail
  • Driven to achieve objectives and targets
  • Collaborative approach and thrives on working in a demanding, dynamic and lean team
  • Result oriented approach with an ability to think out of the box
  • Able to work under pressure
7. Educational Qualification MBA or Graduate with relevant experience
8. Desired Experience Experience in Sales/Marketing or strategic partnerships with stakeholders
9. Other desired attributes


Good interpersonal skills, ability to multitask and the ability to work under pressure of deadlines
10. Location Mumbai
11. Salary INR 50,000 to 75,000 per month (depending on qualifications, relevant experience and last drawn salary) + Travel as per the grade + Therapeutic + Training Allowance.

Department: Communications. This department is responsible for brand building, stakeholder communications and digital marketing.

Proposed Immediate Superior: Associate Director – Communications

1. Context Stakeholder Communications at Arpan’s Communications team
2. Organogram Associate Director – Communications


Manager – Communications

3. Key Objectives of the Job Create and implement a comprehensive communications plan to engage with different stakeholders across platforms (including website, newspaper articles, annual report, newsletters, blogs, and social media) in a timely and systematic manner to promote Arpan, showcase its work and bring visibility to the issue of Child Sexual Abuse.
4. Major Deliverables The major responsibilities are:

·        Ideating and developing resources/content for Arpan’s external and internal communication

·        Identifying and creating content for different stakeholder categories, taking into consideration the most effective media to engage with them

·        Developing guidelines regarding content creation and dissemination, setting up processes for quality driven content development

·        Maintaining a strong voice of the organisation online in alignment with Arpan’s positioning, ethos and values through social media and building, execute and owning monthly social content calendars featuring videos, photos, graphics and text (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn,  Youtube and others) relevant to each platform

·        Monitoring and analyzing the response to content types and modifying content to ensure maximum engagement

·        Ensuring communication projects are executed in strict conformance with set standards for risks, safety and security and support the development of new standards for evolving channels.

·        Work closely with all teams to showcase Arpan’s work appropriately across platforms

·        Build and manage key external relationships

·        Build and manage media relationships

·        Ensuring regular reviews with Director and Senior Director

5. Job Challenge The issue of Child Sexual Abuse is a very sensitive and nuanced topic. For this, Arpan has a dedicated team of professionals who create resources that also form the framework for communications. The incumbent (Manager – Communications) will be expected to understand and refer to these resources while developing literature and messages for internal & external communications.
6. Specialized job competencies Experience in developing and managing organization’s:

·        Brand and messaging

·        Content calendar

·        Strategic campaigns

7. Educational Qualification Graduation/Post-Graduation in Mass Media, Journalism, Social Studies and related fields.
8. Mandatory Work Experience 6+ years of work experience as a Communications professional. Prior experience in non-profit sector will be an advantage.

·        Possess strong written and verbal communications skills.

·        Ability to simplify and summarize concepts

·        Knowledge of social media management and digital marketing

·        Design visualization skills

·        Possess strong inter-personal skills


·        Project Management skills with attention to time-lines and impact metrics.

·        Identifying and cultivating strategic partnerships


9. Other desired attributes


Ability to work in a closely knit team; commitment to time schedules.
10. Location Mumbai
11. Salary range Rs. 60k to Rs. 80k per month + Travel as per the grade + Therapeutic + Training Allowance.

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About Arpan’s Child Protection Policy :
Arpan’s work is child-centric where the key is to understand and value what the child wants and hence the child is an integral part of the decision-making process. This philosophy extends to all the programmes at Arpan, where children are the primary stakeholders.

Arpan expects that all board members, advisors, donors, partners, employees, volunteers, interns, consultants, partner counsellors and contractors agree to fully comply with Arpan’s Child Protection Policy.
Please read the detailed Child Protection policy here