Vision, Mission & Values

Arpan’s strategies and programmes are strongly guided by the following
Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To have ‘A world free of Child Sexual Abuse’.

Our Mission

To empower individuals, families, communities and society with prevention and intervention skills to reduce the occurrence of child sexual abuse and heal its psychological, social, sexual and physical consequences.

Values and Culture At Arpan

We are transparent about our values and policies, our failures and mistakes and openly share our ideas and knowledge with all internal and external stakeholders.
We respect ourselves, express our opinions, suggestions and feelings with dignity; we listen to and welcome diverse perspectives and have deep regard for others even when their beliefs are different from our own.
We strive to become better than we are today by challenging assumptions, demonstrating agility and being thoughtful. We are forever learners and relentless in the pursuit of maintaining quality and evolving creative, innovative and effective solutions.
We value being honest and true to ourselves and being authentic and consistent in our behaviour, actions and words.
We believe everyone who takes an idea and makes it into something meaningful does it through hard work, tirelessness and sheer diligence. We stay undeterred as we navigate through the phenomenon of violence and abuse un-damped by discouragement, opposition or failure.
We put in the effort, time and resource required to take a just and equitable decision for all internal and external stakeholders.
We deliver what we have promised. We take responsibility for our own actions and outcomes. We are responsible for ourselves, the organisation and all internal and external stakeholders.
We work towards creating a caring environment internally and externally – we connect, listen, think and respond deliberately by understanding diverse perspectives and circumstances.
We are a passionate group of people who are not afraid to be hopeful, demonstrate enthusiasm and stand by our belief of an abuse-free world for children.
We take an effort to know our external stakeholders and act on that knowledge with positive intent to support them in their journey of healing.
We have faith in human potential – both in being able to initiate change and to be resilient in the face of adversities.