Training & Advocacy

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” We at Arpan believe this to be at the core of our mission. We train adults to take steps to create “A world Free of Child Sexual Abuse.” On the way, we also learn and educate ourselves.

We focus on building professional capacity for child protection by conducting training and capacity building initiatives with :

We also advocate for robust child protection mechanisms at the systemic level by working on a collaborative model with government bodies.

Arpan has worked with over 7,907 individuals through 900+ organizations and institutions.

Awareness and Training Sessions

  • Awareness talks on Child Sexual Abuse are conducted to raise public awareness in addressing the phenomenon of Child Sexual Abuse
  • Training and Capacity building of Teachers including teachers from schools, NGOs and government bodies or duty bearers aims to impart knowledge and skills for facilitating Personal Safety Education and familiarise teachers with the dynamics of Child Sexual Abuse
  • Training and capacity building of Mental health professionals aims to equip them to effectively respond to survivors of Child Sexual Abuse and trauma
  • Training and Capacity of social workers/caregivers/support personnel both from NGOs and government bodies are focussed on integrating prevention and intervention modalities to respond to Child Sexual Abuse in diverse settings (institutions, organizations) and mainstream child protection.
  • Arpan promotes Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) prevention and effective interventions through systemic policy advocacy in collaboration with Government to bring in systemic change that will appropriately respond to the child protection needs at the city, state and national level.
  • Arpan also advocates with relevant stakeholders like schools and NGOs to address the issue of CSA and integrate Personal Safety Education in their curriculum.
  • Arpan advocates the need to draw focussed attention to the global issue of CSA and to share its innovative solution and model (Personal Safety Education) at national and international conferences and forums.
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To conduct an awareness session or training with professionals, teachers, government officials, and social workers, police write to us at or call us on +91 98190 51444