Our Impact

Since inception Arpan has impacted the lives of 2.4 million (24 lakh) children and adults through its work. Among this, Arpan has:

  1. Trained over 7,00,216 children and adults directly:
    • Through the Personal Safety Education Programme Arpan has trained 1,36,555 children and 1,08,077 parents and teachers, non-teaching staff in over 255 schools and shelter homes in 3 districts of Maharashtra.
      • Of these,  step-up (repeat sessions) were done with 68,783 children and 47,892 parents and teachers.
      • Arpan has provided psychoeducation/counselling and intervention to 13,988 children and 2,892 family members.
    • Through the Training and Policy Advocacy Programme Pan India Arpan has trained 2,09,958 individuals and professionals.
      • Of these, we have trained 2,09,958 professionals (Govt. and Non-Govt. teachers, social workers and mental health professionals) to replicate prevention and intervention models of Child Sexual Abuse. These professionals have reached out/trained over 1.7 million (17 lakh) children and adults.
        • Through Policy Advocacy at National level, we have integrated PSE into School Health Programme under AYUSHMAN BHARAT, a collaborative programme between the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Ministry of Human Resources and Development. We trained 385 professionals from State Resource Group of 14 states directly.
        • Through Policy Advocacy at the State level, in Maharashtra,  PSE messages were included in the  Maharashtra State Council of Educational Research and Training curriculum on Child Safety. 2,100 Master Teacher Trainers and 120,000 teachers across Maharashtra were trained on this curriculum.
        • Through Policy Advocacy at the State level, in Bihar,  Child Safety was included in Bihar Education Project Council curriculum and 100 Master Teachers were trained on this curriculum.
    • Through the Digital Learning Programme 1,53,672 individuals accessed Arpan’s digital content through partner organisations like UNICEF and partner platforms like DIKSHA which have integrated our content.

2. Overall 345,000 resources (books and publications) developed as a part of our Resource Development activity, have been disseminated since we started our work in 2006. These numbers are not counted in the overall outreach.

3. Through Public Awareness Arpan has reached 81 million (8.1 crore) people. We have created awareness about Child Sexual Abuse through various media and events. Of this:

      • We reached 26,60,000 individuals through events.
      • We garnered a reach of 44 million through TV, Radio, films and print media.
      • A total of 34 million were reached through social media engagement and website.
      • There were 205 articles published in the media about Arpan or mentioning Arpan.