Mental Health Services

Mental illness is still a taboo concept in India and there is a lot of social and cultural reservation around accessing mental health services. In case of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), the individuals are further stigmatized. There is a broad variety of practical, cultural, individual and family-related barriers that restrict initialization and adherence to therapy and counselling. It takes a lot of courage for the survivors of sexual abuse to take the first step towards healing. However, when they garner the courage, their stories offer hope and inspiration to many others to come forward.

So far we have supported the healing journey of 13,988 children, adolescents, adult survivors and 2,892 family members and caregivers by providing psychoeducation/counseling and psycho-social intervention. Counselling at Arpan aims at supporting the healing journey of children and adult survivors and helping them attend psycho-social stability.

Counselling Banner Programmes

Long-term Psychotherapy within institutions

Children, adolescents and adults within residential shelter homes are supported by Arpan through intensive psychotherapeutic services. Providing adequate care and support to this target group becomes critical to help them overcome the trauma of their past lives, so that they can lead dignified and fulfilling lives. 

Psychotherapy with children and adult survivors

Mainstream and alternative therapeutic services are provided to children and adult survivors of Child Sexual Abuse through both online and offline avenues. It includes individual therapy and group sessions with an aim to heal the psychological, social, sexual, and physical consequences of the abuse. The offline services are offered at the Arpan office in Goregaon, Mumbai as well as at the community level with the support of NGOs and social service organizations. Arpan also has partner counsellors who provide counselling to children and adult survivors on behalf of Arpan. They are located in different parts of the city so that individuals have easy access to Arpan’s counselling services. Online services can be availed from anywhere in the world. 

Psychoeducation with family members

Arpan is cognizant of the emotional crisis that the family of the child who has experienced sexual abuse goes through and, hence, renders its services to the family members to prepare them to respond to the child effectively and create a support network for the child.  With family members, Arpan conducts sessions on psychoeducation and joint sessions with the child. The counselling process helps the family members to understand the issue of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), empathize with the child and respond to the child in a positive manner. If you want to know more about mental health services  or receive counselling , want us to work in any institution, refer someone you write to us on or call us on +91 98190 86444