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Facilitators Course

The Facilitator’s Course is meant for any parent, teacher or adult interested in playing their part in child protection and helping their children participate in their safety. The course takes 5 minutes and prepares the adult to facilitate the Personal Safety course for children.

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Facilitator's Course

Caregivers Handbook

Parents, teachers and caregivers are the best people to teach children about Personal Safety. This booklet is designed to facilitate an understanding of the issue of Child Sexual Abuse and propose simple tips for participating in children’s safety. It focuses on parenting skills, which are geared towards initiating positive and open communication channels between parents, teachers or caregivers and children about Personal Safety and setting boundaries. It draws attention to a set of general guidelines for keeping children safe. It aims at enabling parents or caregivers to identify Child Sexual Abuse, respond to children effectively and create an environment of comfort and assurance for children to seek help.

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Preventing and Responding to Child Sexual Abuse

Understanding CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE – FAQ’s

Understanding CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE – FAQ’s booklet is Arpan’s attempt at putting together the concerns and queries that are frequently put forward by parents, teachers and other caregivers during Arpan’s awareness and training sessions. This booklet hopes to equip caregivers with the knowledge and vocabulary needed to understand the issue of Child Sexual Abuse, while simultaneously giving them necessary information pertaining to legal interventions, Personal Safety Education, handling disclosures, the impact of abuse and the subsequent healing process in a concise and comprehensive manner.

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Personal Safety Education Book

Personal Safety Education Training Kit

The Personal Safety Education Training Kit is a culmination of our years of understanding and experience of helping prevent Child Sexual Abuse by increasing help-seeking behaviour amongst children and making adults aware in their role of keeping children safe. It is a feature-rich set of tools and instructional guides to help Teachers, NGO professionals, Counsellors and other individuals to teach children Personal Safety skills. This Kit will help School Authorities, Government and Institutional caregivers to spread the message of safety to children, parents, teachers and the community at large, thus safeguarding children from sexual abuse. Read More

This kit is available in 3 languages English, Hindi  and Marathi.

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Personal Safety Education kit

Poster for Parents

These posters with visual images and simple texts are attractive tools for parents and caregivers to keep children safe through the Personal Safety messages. These posters can be placed in the school buildings, residential society, homes, and corporate offices for generating awareness among parents and caregivers.

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Parent Poster English