Child Safety Week

1 in 2 children in India is affected by Child Sexual Abuse. Our experiences and research suggest that acquiring the right knowledge and taking a step towards equipping ourselves with the skills to impart personal safety education to children can play a great role in addressing this issue. It is important to create a dialogue on this issue, take action, and change the narrative around child safety by looking at it through a lens of hope and not fear.

Powered by Arpan, Child Safety Week is a collaborative movement to raise awareness and encourage collective action to address the issue of Child Sexual Abuse.  In a week, starting from 14th November – 20th November, Government and Non-Government organizations, Corporates, Schools, Celebrities, Influencers and Parents at large get together and undertake various activities to shatter the taboo around Child Sexual Abuse and create consolidated voices for prevention.

Why the week of 14th – 20th November?

  • 14th November: Children’s Day, India
  • 18th November: World Day for Prevention, Healing and Justice to End Childhood Sexual Violence
  • 19th November: World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse 
  • 20th November: International Children’s Day


The theme for the campaign this year is #NeverTooLate. We all believe that healing starts with awareness, and awareness is the first step toward prevention. Its #NeverTooLate to take the first step to know and learn about CSA and teach Personal Safety to a child; it is also #NeverTooLate to disclose and heal from the trauma of CSA; similarly, it is #NeverTooLate to speak up and protect a child when they are harmed.

The week will be hustled with enthusiasm and intriguing online and offline activities for different societal stakeholders. With activities like panel discussions, school competitions, content creation, and training the children, teachers & adults, everyone can contribute to the cause of preventing child sexual abuse.

If you haven’t spoken to your child about Personal Safety and about Child Sexual Abuse yet, #NeverTooLate to do it.

Join the #ChildSafetyWeek2022 to bring large-scale visibility, attention, and action on the issue of Child Sexual Abuse.

Read Child Safety Week Impact Report.

You can start conversations on social media, host or attend an online event and various other activities. You can log on to or write to or call on +91 73045 16832 to know more.