Child Safety Week

1 in 2 children in India are affected by Child Sexual Abuse. While the numbers differ, the problem persists globally.  Over time, our experiences and research has shown us that adults taking steps to equip themselves with the right knowledge and tools and imparting personal safety education to children can play a great role in addressing this issue. We want to come together to create a dialogue on this issue, take action, and change the narrative around child safety by looking at it through a lens of hope and not fear. 

It is with this vision and hope that the Child Safety Week [14th to 20th November 2019] was conceptualised. The Child Safety Week is an initiative towards building a people led movement for collective action for change towards addressing concerns of child safety — by way of dedicating a concentrated period of time annually for conversations, actions, and change efforts for child safety. Key dates around children and child rights fall in this week:

  • 14th November: Children’s Day, India
  • 19th November: World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse 
  • 20th November: International Children’s Day

It is envisaged as a community led and collectively owned effort towards building a safer and happier future for our children. 

Thank you for joining us as we come together to embark on a journey to bring large scale visibility, attention, and action on this issue. This partners toolkit is a starter guide for all of us to explore the different ways in which we can create space for meaningful engagements during #ChildSafetyWeek.

#ChildSafetyWeek2019 #IStandForChildSafety