Our Approach & Strategy

How we Work

Arpan’s strategy emphasizes on a holistic multilevel model in order to deal with the issue of Child Sexual Abuse, which is a highly sensitized and socially tabooed issue in the Indian society.

Our Strategies are:

  1. Prevention and Healing Services for children and adults to prevent Child Sexual Abuse and provide psycho-social support, including building appropriate pedagogy for new demographics and expanding local and international reach through digital content and multi-language translation. Under this strategy, we:
  • Implement our flagship Personal Safety Education Program (PSE), a school-based child sexual abuse prevention and intervention program.
  • Develop resources for new target audiences to expand the reach of the PSE program.
  • Launched www.arpanelearn.com, an e-learning platform that provides children with personal safety messages.
  1. Training and Capacity Building of Stakeholders to enable others to replicate and scale the delivery of Child Sexual Abuse prevention and healing services, including building and delivering training through digital content. Under this strategy we:
  • Train and build capacity of stakeholders pan-India to in turn implement the PSE program in their settings and support children who disclose about abuse
  • Handhold partners for onwards implementation of the program in their respective settings
  1. Public and Policy Advocacy through research and representation to create mass awareness on CSA and advocate for systemic level change at the local, state and national level, to integrate Personal Safety Education in school curricula and set up prevention and support services as standard across India. One of Arpan’s focus areas has been to open up the dialogue on CSA at a broader level by working with key governmental bodies and other key stakeholders. Under this strategy we:
  • Create awareness about various aspects of child sexual abuse through in-person and online awareness sessions, and movements such as Child Safety Week
  • Advocate for the integration of personal safety education in educational curricula.