Public Awareness

Child Sexual Abuse can happen to any child, anywhere. To prevent Child Sexual Abuse, it is imperative that we initiate open conversations on how sexual abuse of children happens and break the stigma around the issue. Awareness on the issue can not only make the individuals conscious that CSA exists but also empower them to notice its effect and impact, as they receive relevant information and knowledge that can enable them to take action to keep children safe. 

At Arpan, we create Public Awareness on various aspects of Child Sexual Abuse through in-person and online awareness sessions and other means of engagement, to develop a sustained community dialogue. We also actively engage our stakeholders through:

  1. Child Safety Week – An annual people-led movement for collective action to address concerns of Child Sexual Abuse by initiating conversations and action to prevent CSA. 
  2. Events – Participating in various events dedicated for stakeholders like children, parents, teachers, government organisations, etc.
  3. Webinars – Informative webinars with expert panels who share their experiences and knowledge on the issue of CSA and encourage people to take action to prevent it. 
  4. Social Media – Engaging social media campaigns that help raise awareness on the issue.
  5. Public Relations – Through strong public relations, amplify the reach of Arpan’s work and various programmes.  
  6. Partnerships – Amplifying Arpan’s reach by entering into partnerships with individuals and organisations.
  7. Films – Video like ‘A secret game’ highlighting Incest. 

Through Public Awareness Arpan has had a reach of over 81 million (8.1 crore). We have created awareness about Child Sexual Abuse through various media and events. Of this:

  • 26,60,000 individuals reached through events
  • 44 million through TV, Radio, films and print media
  • 34 million through social media engagement and website
  • 205 articles in the media mentioning Arpan or on Arpan

Through persistent efforts in raising awareness and encouraging people to take action to prevent CSA, we aim to create a world free from Child Sexual Abuse.