Personal Safety Education Training Kit

Personal Safety Education Training Kit

The Personal Safety Education Training Kit is a culmination of our years of understanding and experience of helping prevent child sexual abuse by increasing help-seeking behaviour amongst children and making adults aware in their role of keeping children safe. It is a feature-rich set of tools and instructional guides to help Teachers, NGO professionals, Counselors and other individuals to teach children Personal Safety skills. This Kit will help School Authorities, Government and Institutional caregivers to spread the message of Safety to children, parents, teachers and the community at large, thus safeguarding children from sexual abuse.

Personal Safety Education kit

This kit is available in 3 languages English, Hindi  and Marathi.

The contents of the PSE Training Kit are:

  • Instruction Booklet on How to use the Kit – A guide to using the Personal Safety Education Kit.
  • Arpan’s Personal Safety Education Lesson Plan Manuals for Grade 1 to 6 – The grade wise lesson plans based manual is designed for teachers, counsellors, school coordinators and other caring adults in the school/institutional set up who want to implement Personal Safety Education programme.
  • Arpan’s Guide to First Level Intervention for handling disclosures of Child Sexual Abuse –  The manual aims at handholding and supporting individuals/organizations and institutions with information, skills so that they are able to be co-travellers in children’s journey of healing by providing effective first-level intervention.
  • Arpan’s Guide to Monitoring and Evaluation of Personal Safety Education – This manual is a handy guide for organizations and individuals to develop Monitoring & Evaluation systems for Personal Safety Education programme once it has been integrated into their settings.
  • Arpan’s Manual for Trainers to implement Personal Safety Education – This manual is an endeavour to support training of trainers with information and skills so that they are able to integrate and implement Personal Safety Education programme. Spreading Awareness of Child Sexual Abuse – This booklet provides information on the issue of Child Sexual Abuse.
  • Parenting Tips and General Guidelines for Keeping Children Safe – This book is a handy resource to be shared with parents, teachers during awareness sessions.
  • Understanding Child Sexual Abuse – Frequently Asked Questions – The booklet is designed for all adults attempting to understand CSA, particularly adult stakeholders in a child’s life: teachers, parents and the facilitators of Personal Safety Education programme themselves.
  • Emoticons – The emoticons will help the trainer to facilitate the discussion on feelings and give children vocabulary to articulate their emotions.
  • Posters – The posters are an effective tool for the recall key messages of Personal Safety Education programme.
  • Stickers – Colourful stickers with key messages on Personal Safety Education programme are also provided in the kit.
  • Private Body Parts Charts – The charts are to be used for the children while teaching them about Private Body Parts (PBPs) in the context of Personal Safety Education Lesson plans.
  • CD with soft copies of Resources of the Personal Safety Education Kit – The CD contains soft copies of all resources provided in the kit.

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