Counselling can heal the wounds of the past. As such, counsellors play a critical role in the lives of victims of trauma by offering them a secure, judgment-free and confidential environment which helps them to heal, grow and thrive. However, there is a dearth of skilled counsellors, especially those who support trauma survivors including victims of Child Sexual Abuse.

Arpan has been providing counselling to children and adult survivors who have experienced Child Sexual Abuse.  Arpan also plays the role of a resource agency by:

  • Supervising counsellors who are supporting the healing journey of Child Sexual Abuse victims
  • Conducting training sessions and workshops for mental health professionals on Trauma-focused Therapy and Child Sexual Abuse.
  • Facilitating a Study group for counsellors to build the capacity of counsellors on CSA, Trauma-focused therapy and enhance their skills to effectively address cases of Child Sexual Abuse.

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