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Evidence and Implications for Conducting a Step-up Programme among Children Receiving a One-Time Intervention

The Personal Safety Education (PSE) Programme is Arpan’s key prevention programme that aims to enable and empower children within schools, communities, and institutions with age-appropriate information and life skills needed to protect themselves from potential incidents of sexual abuse. Since 2016, Arpan has also started the step-up PSE programme, with an objective to prolong the retention of key concepts through the reiteration of messages while providing children with the new age-appropriate information.

The findings from the current study have corroborated the importance of conducting a step-up programme with children, as it was evident that the retention of messages declines with time. Most importantly, this study has been proven to be invaluable in guiding the implementation strategy of the organization, by identifying the appropriate time intervals for conducting the refresher programme.

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