Tata Mumbai Marathon

Be the TORCHBEARER for Child Safety!

Since inception, Arpan has directly touched lives of over 262,157 children and adults through prevention of Child Sexual healing its ill effects and related training programmes. Through our partnerships, we have reached out to over 997,403 children and adults. Arpan has grown from a humble team of three members to a roster of over 116 individuals working dedicatedly towards the cause.

We urge you to join us at the TATA Mumbai Marathon in our fight to ensure ‘A World Free of Child Sexual Abuse’.

The TATA Mumbai Marathon in one of the World’s leading marathon that supports NGOs with the help of its philanthropy partner United Way Mumbai – to initiate, build and deepen relationship with Fundraisers and Donors.

Since 2010 Arpan has been participating in this event to walk alongside with like-minded people, and raise funds through donors and fundraisers. Arpan also participated in the Dream Run category showcasing our work through banners, placards, slogan and messaging on their attire.

Tata Mumbai Marathon gives individuals from all walks of life an opportunity to contribute to a cause such as Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) by running for it.

Arpan Event

Why should you run for Arpan?

Arpan believes every child deserves protection and timely intervention in case of any abuse, irrespective of class, creed, gender or geography. A Guide Star India – Platinum Certified organization, it is the largest NGO in India working passionately towards providing essential Life Skills Education to children from grades 1 to 10. Over a million children and adults have benefited greatly from Arpan’s prevention and intervention services since 2006.


What can you do for Arpan?

  • Run for Charity: Run for Arpan and empower us to educate children about Personal Safety and achieve our vision of freeing the world from Child Sexual Abuse.

If you are an individual or a corporate and interested to avail a charity bib, please contact us and we will guide you further on the process. Bib related donations are done either through cheque / DD / payment link provided by us to you.

To Avail Bibs Click Here.

Note: Charity Bib is an opportunity for you to secure participation at the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020, especially if you have missed the registration date or have been unable to qualify for the event. We have a limited number of charity bibs available with us, at a premium. These bibs are unique as they can be used for any race category that a participant wishes to participate. This will help us to build new relationships and raise funds to attain our vision of “Towards Freedom From Child Sexual Abuse”

  • Raise Funds: You can become an Individual Fundraiser for Arpan and help us by acquiring funds so that we can protect more and more children, make them safe and spread awareness on Child Sexual Abuse.
    Click Here to create your personal fundraising page.

We encourage Young Leaders (Fundraisers below the age of 21 years as on 19th January, 2020) to participate in spreading awareness about Child Sexual Abuse and raise funds.

Support Arpan in the TATA Mumbai Marathon 2020.

For more details kindly contact Ms. Sneha Shimpi

Phone – 9773541238; Email – snehas@arpan.org.in