Dr. Manjeer Mukherjee
Dr. Manjeer Mukherjee is a trained sociologist working in the area of Gender, Children, Sexuality, Medicine, Technology and Abuse. She has done Doctorate in Sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. Her doctoral thesis was to unveil the implications of Assisted Reproductive technologies on kinship relations. She has been extensively working with the developmental sector for the last 18+ years on issues of gender, health, violence and Child Sexual Abuse. She has authored and presented papers in various national and international Forums and Networks including World Social Forum, International Women’s Health Meet, National Bioethics Conference, Annual Meet of Health Action International Asia Pacific, ASCCSA (Annual Stakeholder Conference on Child Sexual Abuse) and ResilienceCon.

Dr. Manjeer Mukherjee is currently associated with Arpan as "Senior Director - Content & Curriculum" and leads the Content & Curriculum team at Arpan. Dr. Manjeer Mukherjee has played an essential role in shaping Arpan’s trajectory in the last 13+ years of her association and played diverse roles including directing Arpan’s key programmes.