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Mental health in India is a highly tabooed issue and there is a lot of social and cultural reservation
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Mental health in India is a highly tabooed issue and there is a lot of social and cultural reservation around the same. In case of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), the client is stigmatized all the more by the society and at the same time face constraints to access counselling services. In order to reduce the occurrence of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) it’s important to heal the trauma and impact of the same. At Arpan we work at various levels to help the client and the family to restore the sense of self awareness, self worth, create safe and supportive environment, stabilization, help the client to process the trauma and reach reintegration.

Long term Psychotherapy within institutions

Rescued minors within residential shelter homes are assisted by Arpan through intensive psychotherapeutic services. Since it is a doubly disadvantaged group due to their vulnerable and stigmatized social status, rehabilitation becomes very difficult. Providing adequate care and support to this target group becomes mandatory to help them overcome the trauma of their past lives so that they can lead dignified and productive lives. This intervention strategy is focused on long term rehabilitation of rescued minors.

Psychotherapy with children and adult survivors

Mainstream and alternative therapeutic services are provided to children and adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse with an aim to heal the psychological, social, sexual and physical consequences of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). These services are offered within the Arpan centres and at the community level with support of NGO’s and social service organizations. Arpan centres are in Goregaon, Vile Parle, Vasai and Bhandup.

Psycho education with family members

Arpan understands the trauma and the issues that the family of the child goes through and hence renders its services to the family members. Through individual counselling sessions with the family members the counsellor helps them to empathise with the child, understand the issue of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), understand the feelings and behaviour of the child, respond to the child in a positive manner. Through this supportive work the goal is to impart skills to the parent so that they are better equipped and feel empowered enough to deal with the trauma in an effective manner.

Arpan has so far helped 52 girls in institutions with long term therapy and 148 children and adult survivors and their family members come into a process of healing.