Teach Children Personal Safety Rules/Guidelines

As parents, we are the best teachers for our children to teach them about Personal Safety. We can use daily life events as an opportunity to talk to them about it. For instance, we can use ‘What If?’ questions to practice safety rules with our children. ‘What if your friend wants to play doctor-doctor and touch your private body parts?’ ‘What if someone asked you to jump off a wall?’ ‘What if an uncle or an older child wanted to play a secret touching game with you?’ This will make our children think about situations they may encounter and give them the confidence to take decisions and act accordingly.


Teach your children the three important safety rules:

RULE NO. 1 – It is NEVER all right for someone to TOUCH, LOOK or TALK about your private body parts except to keep them clean and healthy. It is never alright for someone else to ask you to TOUCH, LOOK or TALK about their private body parts.

RULE NO. 2 – If someone tries to break this rule, say “NO” and GET AWAY.

RULE NO. 3 – TELL a TRUSTED ADULT and KEEP TELLING until you get the help you need.

Teach children the names of private body parts and introduce these names as part of their vocabulary when you teach them names of the other body parts like ear, eyes and nose. This way children will learn that there is no shame or embarrassment associated with private body parts. This also helps them in reporting abuse.

A few simple steps can help us keep our children safe. Arpan teaches Personal Safety Skills to children to keep themselves safe from abuse and to seek help when needed. You can make your child take the online Personal Safety course at www.arpanelearn.com