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The work that Arpan has done for students is priceless, and their work is commendable. It is very important for all our students, and we would like to thank Arpan for it. Because of this organisation, the confidence and self-esteem of our children have increased so that they can keep themselves safe. This program has increased their decision-making capabilities.
I really like the work that the Arpan team has done because I feel like there are some things in our society that people don’t talk about. But the Arpan team works for that cause, and that’s why it’s a good initiative.
No one had spoken to our children on this topic, neither did we have a discussion regarding it. The awareness session conducted by Arpan has been very helpful for our children. Talking about private body parts and related topics made us anxious, and we also felt shy to talk about it. But Arpan trainers spoke about it openly. The homework sheets that children were asked to complete had opened communication channels between our children and us and it have helped us a lot.  
If Arpan had not walked in, I do not think BCG would be so conscious and aware of what it means to be keeping children safe. And our reach has not just been the children, all our staff and parents who would probably mean almost 25,000 families. We are proud that Arpan walked in and we sustained our relationship with Arpan
The Personal Safety Education Programme has to be part of the school curriculum and the system here.  In our school when Arpan started the programme two years back, it was an entire year programme. It was not a one-off session, all of the teachers were made aware, every single child was having a session in class, and then individual sessions were conducted with children.  The fact that it was intensive was the reason that we were able to detect cases of CSA. I was shocked beyond imagination that this was happening in my school.  Because of the curriculum, because of the content of the PSE programme, we were able to take the necessary action to stop the ongoing abuse.

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