November 2014

Child Sex Abuse needs more concern –
CSR Times – Child Sex Abuse is a very sensitive topic and we have been receiving reports related to it very frequently. What are your views on this and the [...]
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Rape is genderless – DNA
‘Boy can’t be sexually abused: Cops’, screamed the headline of a Bangalore tabloid in late October. This was a statement allegedly made by the Mysore police when a distressed father [...]
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Vikram and Vetaal give a lesson on child rights – DNA
Apart from being ‘World Toilet Day’ and ‘Men’s Day’, November 19 was also ‘World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse.’ To highlight the need for more counsellors to deal [...]
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‘Only rape amounts to sex abuse, boys can’t be victims’ – Times Of India
MUMBAI: Only penetration is sexual abuse and boys cannot be subject to such a crime: There are the two most common misconceptions among parents, showed a survey by Podar Institute [...]
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Silences and Safe Spaces: Therapeutic Help for Child Sexual Abuse Survivors –
Addressing an issue as prevalent as child sexual abuse is often a daunting task. The patriarchal structure of our society is such that those lower in the power hierarchy (in this [...]
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